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Install the free, easy-to-use VPN app for Android and start browsing the web anonymously today with Cloud VPN. Connect to private virtual networks across the globe to encrypt your connection and secure your data while unblocking content.

What is Cloud VPN?

Cloud VPN is the best VPN proxy available for mobile iOS or Android devices. Connect to the VPN to protect your privacy, safeguard your personal data and view geographically restricted content. Download our free VPN app today and start accessing your favorite digital content from all over the world.

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Fast, reliable service

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Security and privacy protection

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Content unblocking

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Why choose Cloud VPN?

Safe. Simple. Effective. Cloud VPN is the most trusted VPN client available for iOS and Android devices, offering simple and effective privacy protection solutions to hide your IP address, as well as quickly and easily access geographically censored content.

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Protect your privacy on public unsecured wi-fi connection

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Unblock region-locked web content and videos

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Access apps and services your government has blocked

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Cloud VPN locations

Here are the locations you can connect to with Cloud VPN

United States flag United States

Singapore flag Singapore

Germany flag Germany

Canada flag Canada

Japan flag Japan

France flag France

Stay tuned - we're always adding more!

Cloud VPN - Best VPN Free for Android: The Ultimate Solution for Online Privacy

Welcome to Cloud VPN, the definitive unlimited VPN experience for Android users. Step into a world where your internet traffic is encrypted, and you enjoy secure, private connections across servers in more than 10 nations.

Rapid Connection

Cloud VPN stands out with its exceptional speed! It's faster than other VPN and proxy providers, ensuring your connection is swift. Our vast network of high-speed proxy servers is located in strategic locations worldwide including Australia, USA, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, and more.

Safeguard Your Online Presence

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are breeding grounds for hackers. With Cloud VPN, your network traffic is encrypted using advanced VPN technology, allowing you to access websites via HTTPS. This provides a robust shield for your WiFi hotspot, keeping your personal information out of the hands of hackers and safeguarding you against identity theft.

Protect Your Device

Cloud VPN enhances your Android device's security when connected to public WiFi hotspots or cellular data networks. It secures your password and personal data, ensuring you're shielded from potential cyber threats.

Simplicity at Your Fingertips

With Cloud VPN, connecting to a VPN proxy server is a breeze. Just tap the "Connect" button - no need for usernames, passwords, or registration. It's that simple.

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Go premium!

Our plans are super convenient and affordable. Only use your VPN a little? You get limited location and contain ads! Need more data? Purchase unlimited access for one month, or buy more months and save.